Thursday, 23 October 2014

Boo Tea Review.

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I returned from a holiday to Tenerife and was hit hard with post-holiday depression. I spent a week wishing I was back tanning all day, dancing all night and spontaneously running into the sea at 5am with my best friends thinking it was a great idea (until we were hit by a tidal wave). In the process of my dreaming I consumed a lot of comfort food to ease the pain, however I was left feeling rather blergh afterwards. 

I had wanted to try a Teatox for ages as I'm a bit of a health freak (that falls off the wagon constantly) and decided this was as good enough time as any to give one a try. I decided to use the brand Boo Tea as the company is based in the UK, and my mum had previously tried this Tea and had a good result, so I went on the Holland and Barrett website and gave it a little purchase.
As a little disclaimer, I didn't take the Tea to try and lose weight specifically but just to help me feel less sluggish and a bit less bulky from all the food I had consumed. I didn't weigh myself however I did notice some changes by the end as I took Before and after photos, and I did look a little less large. 

To sum up the flavours of the tea, the morning one was fine and quite refreshing but the evening one - I HATED it, every time I had to down it and quickly brush my teeth after. It was kind of a peppermint flavour which I do not like one bit. In regard to the 'myth' of the night time tea's having a laxative effect, I found this false. Although it did leave me feeling a lot more refreshed.

All in all, I would recommend this Tea as I felt like it was a great way to kick start getting back into a healthy routine, or if you are just beginning your fitness journey as a teatox is a great way to make sure you stick within your healthy routine. My mentality was that I have paid for this product and so I am going to be good to make sure I get the best results. In future I would re-take this tea whilst exercising more as I didn't have time to exercise/my gym membership has expired and I'm lazy - but I did still see results without one!

If you guys have any more questions, feel free to ask me on my twitter @paigeanthony_ and don't forget to take a look at my brand new YouTube channel.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Get Ready With Me - Everyday 90's Makeup.

Hey Guys!
So incase you missed my last post, I have joined the YouTube bandwagon. I would love if you could check out my latest video and subscribe if you like! This is my everyday make-up routine (not that I wear make-up like this hardly ever haha!) and it is inspired by the 90's and the gorgeous Kylie Jenner. So take a look and tell me what ya'll think.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn Lookbook

Hey Everyone,
I'm not even going to bother with the apologies about not posting because I say it far too much, but this time WILL be different. Capitals = determination.
Anyway to show my dedication I have created a YouTube channel, after much deliberation but what the hell just thought go for it, as I've always loved creating videos and such from a young age.
So here you go check it out - My first video and make sure to subscribe for more! 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Trip to Brighton

Hey everyone, a slightly different post from me today. I get bored of just posting Fashion related things, and one of my favourite type of blogs to read are lifestyle, so I thought I'd share the latest outing in my life. I went to Brighton with my friends Katie & Joice, we started off our trip in Peter Andre's cafe - who even knew he had one? And finished in true Essex style at a Harvester. Where I am from, Harvester is the go to place for all occasions. 

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Home Sweet Home

Its fair to say I've been feeling a little down lately being in this secluded town. I miss my home home and have to much spare time on my hands. I decided to ride my bike down to Asda as I'd been needed something to hold all my make-up brushes and being the shabby-chic lover that I am picked up this gorgeous (I think it's a candle holder) basket for a bargain price. Its just something cute to try and spruce up my room a little. This cacti also cheers me up and reminds me massively of my best friend Sophie, and my nan who are both cactus obsessed freaks. I tried to make the pot a little more interesting however this completely failed! - Wrapping circular objects is not an easy task, and so I will be looking to find another cute but slightly smaller holder for this little treasure soon.

Also when I was in Asda, I walked past this clock and could not leave it! It is me written all over it, I don't have a clock in my room at university so it is handy for now, but I also purchased it as a future investment for mine and Matthew's future kitchen when we finally move in together (only two more years) Yes I know it's a bit extreme but I love to plan in advance and Pinterest has totally inspired me for decor lately, I just want to buy so much!

And finally this little guy always makes me feel better on a gloomy day. How cute is he? I need to remove his tags still but I've had it engraved in me to not remove tags from toys incase they become collectables! I hardly doubt this build a bear or should I say Panda will become a collectable with Matthew's voice inside his tummy saying Happy Birthday to me. 

What cheers you guys up on those bad days?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My Boyfriend's Clothes

Top - Primark Mens // Boyfriend Jeans - Forever 21 // Shoes - Office

Hello everyone, so I am officially back at university - cry :(. If you guys didn't know I am living a couple of hours from home and studying a Fashion Media & Promotion degree at a college. Due to attending a college, I actually live in a flat instead of halls and as lovely as it is, it isn't half lonely! I miss my family and friends so much, and as my boyfriend is up in Cambridge too, the Long distance is killing me! This is our second year of long distance although last year was way easier as I was still at home and he could come back often, but now we are miles apart! Skype calls galore - if anyone would like to see a blog post on how to deal with long distance relationships then drop me a comment and I will share my experience more! Anyway inspired by the absence of my man, I threw on my baggy but gorgeous boyfriend jeans and this Primark Mens Tshirt from a couple of years ago, and made sure I was comfy for the rain and Uni. Hope everyone is having a good week and If any of you guys are alone at university - I feel your pain!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

February Survival Kit

Scarf - Asos // Sunglasses - Zerouv // Bag - H! by Henry Holland via Debenhams

Hello My lovelies, what a weird month February has been. It's fair to say that these first couple of months of 2014 have been.. different to say the least. It would seem life likes to shock us when we least expect it, just this week I have suffered from illness, death, car crashes and hospital galore, thankfully none involving me or my nearest and dearest ones but still none the least shocking. I wanted to share with you all my few accessories that have been key to getting through this tough month which are all still stylish yet with bargain price tags. I nabbed this HUGE fluffy scarf in the last minute of the Asos sale for £8, and it is more like a blanket than a scarf - perfect for all those suffering from chilly bodies and sniffly noses. The sunglasses may seem random with the scarf however the sun has been shining giving me hope that spring soon will have sprung and this dreaded wet weather will be gone. That being said my favourite purchase of this month is without a doubt this gorgeous bright blue satchel from Henry Holland's range in Debenhams, it is literally the perfect size and made from such good quality materials, and even better that I got it on sale for the tiny price of £10! Even if I feel lifeless, at least this bag will add a splash of colour to the world.

How have your February's been so far? Hopefully a lot better than mine!